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Financial Management: Theory & Practice, 13th Edition [Kindle Edition]


Financial Management: Theory & Practice, 13th Edition is the #12 Bestselling Textbook on The Kindle

Brigham/Ehrhardt’s leading FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT: THEORY AND PRACTICE, 13E is the only text that presents a striking balance between solid financial theory and practical applications.

The book progresses from an early presentation of fundamentals to specific techniques and discussions that guide students in maximizing the value of a firm. This text is not only the ideal choice for today’s introductory MBA course, but also serves as a complete reference tool for students throughout their academic and careers.

Integrated practice using Thomson ONE-Business School Edition gives students hands-on experience with the same research tool Wall Street professionals use daily.

This book is simply amazing, very easy to follow and learn. It explains basic concepts, and has some useful material – in the book as well as online – that will help you.

I frankly didn’t even need the study guide; I thought the book by itself was great for me.

The have taken a lot of trouble with detailing and giving examples, for someone new to finance to pick up on.

There are chapters on financial statements, time value of money, bonds, risk, stocks valuation, financial forecasting, capital costs & budgeting, cash flow estimation, financial planning, corporate valuation, IPO’s, working capital management, and a whole lot more.

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Financial Management: Theory & Practice, 13th Edition [Kindle Edition]

Financial Management: Theory and Practice with Thomson ONE / Edition 11 At BARNES AND NOBLE

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