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Deadpool #61 Reviewed


Special Agent Kemp Is Upset To Say The Least...


Now begins a new Arc of called : .

It begins in Deadpool fashion incoherently with a dressed up Monkey who appears to be something of a killer, with guns blazing.  I don’t know where or what the Monkey signifies, but appears to be a side-show thing.

At any rate the new Arc is about FBI Special Agent Allison Kemp who is at a speaking event and will be retiring from active duty.  The comic then backtracks to 9 years ago to Agent Kemp undercover attempting to gain evidence against some foreign arms dealers.  Deadpool was hired to assassinate the arms dealers and crashes the party and  in the explosion Agent Kemp is paralyzed. 

Agent Kemp is very vengeful about getting back at Deadpool and hires some super-beings herself to do just that.



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