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Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan #2



I’m tempted to say go to the Gallery and look at the pictures.  This latest in 4 of Dr. Manhattan is mostly existential, which essentially means just sit back and let it flow.

Schrodinger’s old Cat Box is even in here.  I only just did review Rajaniemi’s The Fractal Prince which had a prominent mention of the old cat in the box trick.  Seems that it upset Schrodinger, not surprising, a Scientist without an answer is like creation without God, unthinkable, right?   

The trouble continues as Dr. Manhattan himself seems to be witnessing himself not vaporized at Los Alamos.  That it didn’t happen then, as he attempts to unravel who and what he actually is.  

So far the comic is creative at least.  And it gives us a chance to see how things might have gone for Dr. Manhattan.


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