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Punisher Max: Untold Tales #3 – The Ribbon Reviewed


The 3rd of 5 of starring is written by and drawn by .

The story begins with a man, successful and attractive, seemingly innocent, checking out an attractive lady on his way home from work. He appears to be a little obsessed with her and eventually decides to take a trip with her as she gets on her bus. This is in a small town so there is swamp land. He takes her to a swimming hole and they begin to swim.

It is then that we learn that this man has a rather vicious past with another young lady at this very place 20 years or so ago. Her name was Marla. She got pregnant and he killed her and her baby sister! All in the name of secrecy. So this has the makings of a vendetta as the Punisher appears and metes out some ‘backwoods’ justice to the man with a past.

Simply told and understated is effective storytelling.

Well done.

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