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Sandman #11 Reviewed


Rose Kincaid moves into a house in Florida with some very strange tenants.  

Rose is there to find her brother Jed.  She has a private investigator looking for him.  Jed is shown captured in a basement somewhere and is having some hefty hallucinations.  

While out on the town Rose encounters some skin-head types who have knives, one of her housemates, Gilbert, a large and archaic gentlemen fights them off.

Rose, who is the powerful ‘Dream Vortex’ takes Gilbert with her to visit Jed when she finds that he lives nearby in Georgia.

Coincidentally, The Corinthian is on his way to Georgia as well to meet up with some ‘like’ minds.

The has found out that Brute and Glog, two nightmares that escaped his dream world, are using Rose’s brother Jed’s dreaming to escape and or to hide, which if you see the last panel is apparently a No-No to the Laws of the Dream King.

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