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Let’s Play God #1 – Punk Girl Rock Killer – Reviewed


I picked up this new #1 Let’s Play God from IDW, and there are quite a few #1’s lately.  

The story is that these three band members of a group, Kira,  Mel and Billy are being Obsessed upon by some sort-a-killer/psycho, the comic opens up with some sort looking in on them and writing down some notes about their behaviour!  Calling Kira a Whore and saying that Billy is on Drugs.  It’s fairly funny to have someone saying or thinking this kind of in our day and age.  You can tell that he/she is disapproving, that’s the angle.  

A dangerous angle as later after band practice Mel sees a photographer from across her building, taking her picture, being murdered by a scary masked person!

After that Mel calls the police letting them know about the Murder.  Then Mel goes over there to the murder site, she knows the Photog (Brian Collins) and finds Billy her bandmate, in his apartment getting the Photographers portfolio.  

Later, Billy and Mel being questioned in police headquarters says that there are pictures of her with the Photographer and the police would accuse her of the murder, she gives Mel the portfolio.  Who later with her hot and hunky boyfriend takes a look at some sexy goings on.

That’s about it for this first issue.  I’m finding the tone and dark art, the drawings very dramatic and cool.  It’s neat that these are young ladies and that they are in a punk band is very interesting.  They are attractive so I’m surely looking forward to the next issue.  

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