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Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe #3 Reviewed


As I’ve been taking a look at some of the other sites reviews of this comic I was somewhat surprised that some of them didn’t like it!

Taking it too seriously is really not the idea behind this mini of killing every Marvel character.  I’ve found it very amusing!  It’s very funny.

Now in this one he even has Dr. Xavier or should I say Patrick Stewart!  Weeping!  Xavier then snaps a ‘psychic’ look into Deadpools mind and is rendered comatose not realizing the real terrors that Wade/Deadpool are undergoing.  It’s neat to see these Heroes getting kicked around in this fashion and at times looking a bit foolish.  All in good fun!

Deadpool basically kills the entire -Men Fleet in this one.  The -Men Ghost Girl he puts in a Prism so she can never get out!  She’s alive but is trapped!  Cruel… sounds like hell for her.  Neat!

Then of course he must face the famous Wolverine, Hugh Jackson, of course!  Although in the comic this one is in costume.  It’s pretty cool as he cuts the ‘werewolfs’ head off!  Just like he did to Banner/The Hulk in Issue #2!

There is the Skeletor hired by loved ones of these dead heroes from the 2nd issue, who is after Deadpool. I haven’t read the final 4th issue yet but will miss this fun and interesting premise as Deadpool continues his endings of The Marvel Universe.

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