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ExSanguine #1 Reviewed


Tim Seeley's latest Comic Book is very good on Horror

’s newest comic is, you guessed it Horror.  He already is the creator of Revival of which we keep a close watch on.  Now with , Mr. Seeley is putting his imagination to good use.  This time with a Vampire who seems to be taking the Genre places.

The comic is centered around Saul Adams who thinks of himself as a Hollow Man.  Two FBI agents Franks and Quinn come to call on him.  Someone from a diner that Adams frequents has turned up dead.  Henry Alvarez who opens up the comic.  Now dead.  The agents leave but Agent Quinn while ‘snooping’ around has some visions of Mr. Adams.  

Later at the diner that Adams frequents, the waitress, new for a month is Ashley, who may not be who she appears to be.  A young man, Toby enters and harrasses Ashley.  Later Adams follows the young man, Toby into an alley and Toby has a gun.  Adams reveals himself and counters Toby’s gunshots.  But Ashley appears to be the one behind the 3 serial murders.  Ashley says she’s got some sort of ‘Monster’ in her that excites her.  Adams doesn’t want to be disturbed, he’s a very ‘private’ monster!

FBI agents Franks and Quinn find one of Adams journals at the crime scene and come to ask further questions.

This looks to be a good beginning for , a very effective script by Seeley and his co-creator Joshua Scott Emmons.  Seeley is also on the Pencils and the drawings are very clear and concise.  Mr.  Seeley appears to be very good at horror, much looking forward to these further adventures in .

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