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Danger Club #2: The American Spirit Speaks!


President of the United States, the former American Spirit lays the Law down.  Denouncing the ‘Sidekick Superheroes’ as traitors and betrayers of him and the nation.

Meanwhile Kid Vigilante takes to his secret underground cave where he shows her his brother in coma in a Vat.  Kid’s brother was put into the Vat by his father, Red Vengeance because of a Neurological Disorder, and is in Stasis.  But with his father dead along with all the other Superheroes, Kid vengeance, frees his brother from life by deactivation of the Vat.

Yoshimi Onomoto, who controls robot #9 is in Micro Tokyo, which is her original home and  has a run in with two other robots controlled by two young men.  She and #9 destroy them.

The members prepare for War.



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