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Danger Club #3 ~ Gravity Girl Dies


Gravity Girl decides she'd rather Kill Herself than live without!

The 3rd comic of really gives us more food for thought as any number of new events and revelations are at hand.

Jack Fearless plays a much more prominent role in this one and The President (), think Gerald Ford on Crack or in Hell and you pretty much get the picture of America’s President in Danger Club, may be the actual cause of the death of the Superheroes.






So everyone was dead when we got here.  And Jabberwock… he left some kind of automated deathtrap some crazy mind .



Sounds like him.  I’m done.




Yeah, but listen.  Here’s the thing.  The wounds on Jabberwock on all the dead Supervillians…


Who did this to them?


The story begins with Jack and a few of the other ‘sidekicks’ entering the Fortress of The Empire Of Crime, Jack explains that most of these Villains were destroyed in outer space with the Superheroes but that a few of them remained on earth… so the idea is to go in and see if they can help matters, if that is, the ‘Bad Guys’ are still alive.

Jabberwock appears to have been the ‘evil’ leader of the assemblage and left some sort of mind machine behind and the sidekicks end up paranoid and fight each other for a bit… until Jack destroy’s the machine in a secret room where Jabberwock was killed.

In another part of the comic Kid Vigilante and take some of the rejuvenating blood from the defeated Apollo, the idea is to inject it into , which will occur in the next issue.

The President reveals  to Moonlight (one of the Sidekicks that were on Apollo’s side) that he is the one behind the death of all of the Superheroes and the Villains.  He, says that he wants to live Forever, and has a plan to do so.

And finally Gravity Girl kills herself.

Very dynamic issue.  I was surely interested in what The President was saying, but more interesting would be if he is lying… not unusual for an American President to do.  That would be a very cool thing to do.  Shocking is the death/suicide of Gravity Girl, showing the very cold world that these are living in.  It’s rather cool to see villians that we’ve never met, heck Jabberwock just might be as bad as the Joker say, and then there’s the Gorilla in the picture with a crown… who were these bad guys?

That they are all dead and buried is very good in a mysterious sort of way.  Life goes Off as well then.  Ah, well…



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