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Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe #4 ~ End Of Mini ~ Reviewed


Well Done! Maybe Kill The DC Universe Next Time...

This issue ends the killing the Marvel universe. It’s been lots of fun this little mini.

This issue features The Punisher mostly. But Taskmaster figures in as well hired by the Victim’s Mourners to kill Deadpool

There is a little bit lost in this last issue, the previous 3 were a bit more happening, still this is a ‘fanciful series’ of books in this mini, and I think the consumer knows it’s all in fun. The Hulk dead. No! Never! Say’s Marvel, we have movies and money to make!

Man Thing even makes an entrance! Man Thing the Swamp Thing wanna be whose touch BURNS when there is FEAR! So much for the Taskmaster!

Well this one ends with the comics creators, kind of like a Mel Brooks comedy. Hey it was fun. Nice little series. The Fans are the ones who demanded it. I think it went well.

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