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Batman #14: The Death Of The Family ~ The Joker Returns! ~ Review


Joker is as Cool as ever as he Returns to Batman's World!

I’ve been awaiting the time to jump in on and last months first issue of the return of was an issue that we decided to let go by. Not enough ‘Juice’  and too close to the bone in our opinion on the beginning of .  

Now with #2 of Death Of The Family we see a bit more of the ’s Antics… as he has determined to make his King Again!  The Joker does amuse!  He wants it like old times and assures our favorite Bat that he, The will be the one killing his very own Beloved Family!

What!  Hell’s Bells!  Is what Robin would scream here!

In this issue he has kidnapped old Alfred the beloved Butler of the Wayne Manor… and has also given Commish Gordon a weird blood problem that is bleeding him dry.  The interaction between the Batman and Joker on the bridge is really the ticket though in this one.  It’s been too many Movies without the REAL BATMAN.  Only in the , my friends will you actually find him!  At least so far, and The Joker is looking pretty interesting with  that sort of ‘Mask’ that he wears over his face.  He does look like he’s in good shape as well.  Does he work out?  

I’d love to write a one shot about what the Joker does each day in ordinary life.  That would be a neat idea.  24 hours of real Joker life.

Anyway, this is a very good comic.  I wasn’t certain how it was going until this 2nd issue, but it is of a very high standard.  Writer Snyder is laying down some really good ideas here and it is flowing scriptural.  Greg “Spawn” Capullo, pencils are a very good mix with this dark tale.  He’s got some very fine ‘sweeps’ as we say in the artist biz!  

Nice work and girls.  


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