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Number 13 #0 Comic Book Review


Number 13 Is Cool Cat!

collects five chapters of Number 13 that first appeared in Dark Horse Presents.

Hence the zero.  There is that ‘feel’ to Number 13, that some of these panels are aged, I don’t mean that in a negative way though.  Number 13 has a really unique ‘Vibe’ to it, it’s coming from another place than the usual, which to me is a good thing.  It will be most interesting to see where the writers of Number 13 will take us as their comic comes out.  As it is Number 13 is very imaginative in its creation of a world gone wrong.  

The issue opens on chapter one with #13 himself, he is an attractive young boy with a 13 tattooed on his hairless head.  He appears to be looking for his father.  He finds a young girl tied to a stake named Lorna and an Ogre that is eating her!

After #13 kills the Ogre it is clear that he may not be altogether human.  Lorna takes him to her father who in the end deactivates him and tells a bit about how, number 13’s creator destroyed the Earth.

Thirteen’s creator looks a bit like a throwback to the 70’s with a huge afro and very styling clothing!  He creates what he calls a new life form but in the process his experiment causes a plague across the globe killing and deforming everyone.  His ‘children’ Thirteen among them he sends out to kill the ‘monsters’, a Redemption, as he calls it.  Apparently Thirteen was lost along the way and has been damaged and forgot his programming to kill, but now he has been found.  

His ‘brother’, a very scary muscular, cat,  is in hot pursuit of him.

I love the 70’s vibe that is going on in the comic, very unique!


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