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The Daredevil: End Of Days #2 Comic Book Review


Reporter Ben Ulrich’s quest to find meaning to the death of continues in this 2nd issue of this very fine 8 part Mini.

Mapone is and was the last word the said before his death and Daily Planet Reporter Ben Ulrich means to track down ’s (The Daredevil’s) friends and family to find if they know the word or its meaning.

In this second adventure, you must feel for reporter Ulrich a bit… he first takes a visit to the Avengers looking for a masked hero only to be told that they don’t talk to just anyone!  Then he finds an old hangout of the Daredevil’s and asks about Natasha Alianovna (the Black Widow) a friend of the Daredevil.  He is sent out into the alley where he encounters (not looking much like Samuel Jackson!) out back and Fury is just that,

Furious and Angry!  

This is great !  Very adult and true to life.

Next Ulrich goes to the apartment of The Daredevil’s former wife Milla Donovan, who appears to have sired a child by Matt Murdoch.  She hits him!

He then goes to Matt’s funeral and takes down ’s license plate, following her later to a soccer match, she is now a soccer mom.  This bit is a lead into the next issue apparently, and is very dangerous still.  Fierce and protective of her privacy!

Gritty and Electrifying this 8 parter is not to be missed, even non fans of Daredevil will find this interesting.  The first issue was most shocking and exciting as the Daredevil was basically killed by Bullseye!  And then the is killed.  The Mythos of the Marvel Universe is certainly being looked at realistically in this treatment by legendary Daredevil Scribe Michael Bendis.  The Pencil work of Artist Klaus Janson is spot on I’d say!  

Comic Book Icon Bill Sienkiewicz is here to see that the paintings and so forth are as they should be.  I’m very impressed by this Mini here and am happy indeed to know that only two issues have been produced so far of it.  

We have much to look forward to here.  

Highly Recommended.

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