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Deadpool #2 ~ We Fought A Zoo ~ Comic Book Review



Marvel is redoing their whole line and has gone back to #1 with a new writer and team.  Daniel Way was the writer of the last .  So now there is a whole new feel to the .  We decided to pick it up with here in .

This present and first story of the New Deadpool is pretty much out there, which is not unusual for Deadpool.  In the first comic the of the United States are brought back to life, but it isn’t a very nice homecoming as they want to destroy the living.  Now in this 2nd issue George Washington and John Kennedy force a Magician to raise Washington’s Army.  Which he does causing havoc.  Deadpool is enlisted by the Government to take down the .

Deadpool and President Theodore Roosevelt have a very imaginative war in a zoo, hence the title of this comic.  At the end Deadpool, the ghost of Ben Franklin and the Government Agent Preston go to the home of Doctor Strange to ask for his help presumably.

Well this is fanciful , I did like the more serious tone of Daniel Way’s Deadpool… but am sure that things will even out soon.  I think with Deadpool there is a tendency to go for the laughs, it seems that there is that to his character.  

The art by TONY MOORE is very good for the book, very colorful and vivid.

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