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Harbinger #5 ~ Peter Gets Some Faith ~ Comic Book Review



to the rescue as things definitely heat up in .  

Starting where our last adventure left off has learned that Joe was murdered at the Crack House by and his Psionic followers.  Hidden Moon attempts to free Ingrid from ’s rage by invoking an image of Kris, the girl that used (see issue #1) when Joe and he were on the outside.

This is a bad idea and Hidden Moon who really didn’t like Peter much at all is out of his depth here as Peter viciously attacks him.

From there Peter confronts Harada and his followers at the Harada Complex, where he is taken down.  Interestingly Amanda, one of Harada’s psionics who initially freed Peter out of dislike helps him escape from the clutches of Harada…

Peter is falling from the Harada building to his death but Faith, the girl he tried to give Psionic powers to swoops in and catches him, saving him.

A very exciting episode of Harbinger.  This sadly is the last issue with Artist KHARI EVANS, as the title moves on into the Renegade Chapters.  It’s quite a big moment when the Artist is changed, so we want to commend Khari Evans on some very fine work here in Harbinger.  

Well Done!

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