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Harbinger #6 ~ Chapter 2: Rise Of The Renegades ~ Comic Book Review


Will Kris Forgive Peter and Join His Cause?

In Harbinger a new chapter begins called .  A new Artist is also at hand PHIL BRIONES.  His work is much different than KHARI EVANS, the artist of the first five issues of Harbinger.   looks somewhat older here in Briones’ version.  I’d prefer him too look more like an 18 or 19 year old, he’s a bit too and looks more like 25 here.  Faith also looks somewhat different, but in a spooky way, she’s really quite an interesting character in Harbinger… she finally has a place to fit in, and her personality is very positive and worthwhile I’d say!  The art change is not often remarked upon in by reviewers, it’s handled like it doesn’t matter, but it’s a big big deal!

I’m going to mention it when I see it.  I think the comic book companies don’t want us caring like that, they don’t seem to mention it at all.  Anyway I’m not down on new artist Briones, his work here in the 6th issue is fine, but it does and will take a bit of getting used to!

This issue is mostly a ‘soft point’ in the series.  After #5’s violence and mayhem, Peter is being looked after by Faith.  Peter has Faith ‘fly’ into ’ bedroom to sound her out about a meeting.  Peter really seems to have a thing for her.   is angry that Peter took her mind from her and made her love him… she seems to be a bit effected still by it.  She is angry and so forth but decides to meet with Peter and after the anger, etc., she decides to join up with Peter and Faith against Harada.

Kris even robs a bank with Peter and Faith to leave some money for her parents!

So the calm before the storm is in evidence here, there will be new members joining Peter and company, other psionics to battle and his psionic followers.

Harbinger is one of the most entertaining comic books this year, make sure you check out the new Trade Paper Back collecting in one edition all five of the Omega Rising issues.  You will want to catch up quickly I can assure you! 


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