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Revival #5 Comic Book Review


Revival Gets Nasty!

Martha and Em find each other in the 5th issue of .

Finally we learn that the Alien is simply a Ghost as Em, Dana’s sister has a ring from it’s past life, the Ghost enters into her body and we see some flashbacks of his former life.  His name is Joe and his love life seems to have gone bad… and like a crow that likes shiny things the Ghost of Joe, here, wants that engagement ring.

Meanwhile the exorcist who has May Tao, Mr. Able goes after Em and later chases her and the escaping May on snow mobiles until Em crashes hers into an oncoming Big Rig!  But she is alright since she is a Reviver!

Em in the end snaps herself together and May a reporter is very interested in her as a Reviver.

The issue ends with Jamie the other reporter finding a note in her car, admitting to the killing of her half brother/lover and their fornication!

A nasty but vibrant issue that is taking the story along!  Looks like Mr. Able the exorcist is dead.

Life Of A Soldier! *Gallery Follows*

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