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Saga #7 Comic Book Review


Mother! Father! Oh My! Saga finds Family!

continues into our 7th episode of the comic.  Marco’s parents are on the ship and the ‘dead spirit of the babysitter’ must be found.  Marco then ‘jumps’ to an alternate reality with his mother following.  

Meanwhile Alana and Marco’s father have a few encounters with Alana not being too friendly, to say the least.  He reveals something to her!

In the alternate land Marco and his mother have a verbal fight about why they are following him, etc.  They encounter a very and scary giant with a huge bone!

Neat… the facial expressions are really very special in this comic, Mrs. has a very fine way of bringing across the emotions and actions of these characters.  You can tell that she is a very fine artist!  I’m sure, hopefully that she will receive some awards for her work, should I say Eisner!

We shall see, but awards or not, Saga is unique, it’s look and feel are mature and often understated with many things going on underneath.  Do make sure you jump on this boat, it’s a ride you won’t regret!

Alana in Saga #7 *Gallery Follows*

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