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Supurbia #1 By Grace Randolph ~ Sexy ADULT Superhero Action in Real Life ~ Comic Book Review



Boy it’s nice to have these coming out like by .  We aren’t 13 years anymore and it’s funny but most of the people who greet my comic book store on Wednesday are usually over 50!

The stories are better than the movies, and you get to keep a comic book!  I’m picking up on Supurbia here and glad that I did.  The relationship between a straight hero (married) and his boyfriend is really hot!  They are both super sexy and !  I can only say to Grace not to stop, she’s got a real neat vibe with these two and it is a story of our times… I mean these two men can now get married!

So that is good!  Regardless of the Angst that Religion and the sordid past has placed on our sexuality, it still is about really caring about another person.

The comic is deep in a very real sense, each of the Superhero characters have counterparts that do not have powers, or not as much.  That makes things very interesting like being in a relationship with a famous person or some such… the pressures and issues would be magnified and here Mrs. Randolph has a vibrant and valid crew.

We don’t get to REALLY KNOW Lois Lane or Superman for that matter, so this is a very neat transgression and a fine Harbinger to the future.

I’m very much looking forward to the next issues.



Yummy Yum Yum What A Pretty Number!  Supurbia #1 *Gallery Follows*

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