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MARVEL PRESENTS: All New XMen #1 Comic Book Review


Scott Cyclops Summers Moves On! The Hell With Professor X!

The continues after the death of Professor (Dr Xavier) by .  

During a battle on Utopia, Cyclops absorbs Emma Frost’s powers, becoming the only Phoenix host. Professor X tries to make him stop, to reason him one more time. Professor X is then killed by an angry, Phoenix-corrupted Cyclops.

Following the defeat of the Dark Phoenix-powered Cyclops, a funeral for Professor X is held and the X-Men attend, with Wolverine delivering the eulogy for Professor X’s honor as a fallen member of the community.

Okay, that’s a step in the right direction, hopefully WON’T bring him back to life.  Make him a ghost like in Hamlet.  It is not a good idea thematically to act like people can return to life… you don’t see that happen often in life, so it is bad, bad writing.  

The new Xmen is starting rather good Bendis (Daredevil) is writing yet another Marvel title, and why not, he’s writing Daredevil End Of Days as well, and seems to have a good hand here in the XMen Mythos.  I’m not an XMen expert, I didn’t read the XMen comic, and I’m talking about in the 70s.  But I was surprised that Magnetto and ‘Cyclops’ Summers and the other XMen are on the same team now, they are looking for new mutants, whilst the other ‘Do Gooder’ team is upset that killed the old man.  That sort of thing.  

I’d surely rather be on the Cyclops team, Scott is looking very good as something more than the usual, come what may attitude of the ‘good guy’ crew.  

Here in the first issue the goes back in time to bring the original XMen, especially Scott to talk to himself down, as it were.   is ‘worried’ about his do nothing side along with the ‘Werewolf’ character Wolverine.  They generally sit around and moan alot about what has gone wrong,   Like the UN or something!

So although a fun story to have the old XMen and New XMen meet the former are not necessary.  

I like this book and am finding that I’ll be keeping with the story.

Cyclops (Scott Summers) in All New XMen #1 *Gallery Follows*

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