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MARVEL PRESENTS: Thor God Of Thunder #1 Comic Book Review


Jason Aaron creates a viable Thor, a well written new Mythos of the Thunder God!

must surely be one of the most difficult of Marvel’s greatest creations to create a new story for, and has done a really amazing job here!  I was really blown away by Mr. Aaron’s fine use of imagination and texture to bring the Thunder God Thor some much needed life.  Aaron if you remember wrote the Ghost Rider for a bit and has done a number of other projects… but his use of time in these new Thor books has got to be one of his best I’d say!


I sure hope that Marvel can let Aaron continue on this book.  It’s hard to say goodbye to a writer who does really good work like this.  And lest we forget the pencils of Artist ESAD RIBIC are just sterling in bringing Thor some startling and REAL emotion.  The vividness of Ribic’s rendering here is rare indeed, it’s so correct his freedom to allow Thor to be more than just a granite faced God.  He’s spot on of the wonder of Thor’s existence.


Aaron has Thor in a sort of Triple Play, with a young Thor, A Present day Thor and an Old Thor.  Great, great idea.  The just of this first conflict for the Thunder God is known as the God Butcher, a force that has been killing Gods for ages, even unto Thor’s old age and after his death as the Older Thor.


Thor visits a planet that doesn’t have God’s anymore and wonders what happened to them, finding that they had been all butchered by the God Butcher.


The God Butcher ends in Thor #5, but I hope that this story can continue with the 3 Thor’s, there is a scope that is larger here than Thor just hanging with say The Avengers and so forth.


All in all this is a really good sign for the Thor Mythos.  

Another Dead God in Thor #1 *Gallery Follows*


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