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The Martian By Andy Weir


Is this a new Scalzi? Goodness knows we can always use a new one!

I chanced upon The Martian by Mr. Weir at Amazon where the Kindle reigns.  Seeing that it was highly rated by over 300 people and liked by over 60 more I knew that this book is very popular.  Then the price: 99 cents!  I don’t usually mention the price of a book in my book reviews but after reading the sample for a few pages I bought it quickly.

Turns out that Mr. Weir’s book about a man stranded on Mars is really very exceptional. 

At the end of the book, Mr. Weir has the copyright of his book and says to send it around for free!  

Now to the of Mr. Weir’s .

Technically astute The Martian is a book about Mark Watney, and his survival on the surface of Mars after his NASA crew members must abandon him and return to Earth.

Written by Mr. Weir in a rather breathtaking manner, the prose is intense on the side of technical matters, the Astronaut is super intelligent as he figures out how to plant potatoes and literally create water.  Weir really gets into this mans psyche, Watney is certainly a figure of our day and as time goes by alone on Mars one can literally feel and see the strain of such bad luck.

There is a plethora of things that goes wrong in this story for the stranded Watney.  I was surprised when the other characters showed up at NASA and Watney’s returning crew members on their way back to Earth.  The Suspense at that early time is really very unique, and difficult to write, Mr. Weir should pat himself on the back for having accomplished this.

The story continues and you’ll be reading through The Martian rather quickly I’d say!

Looking at Mr. Weir’s other works I don’t see much more, something called The Egg.

The Martian is going to be around for some time I would suspect!

We are looking forward to Mr. Weir’s next book.




So I can’t just live off the land for ever. But I can extend my life.

The potatoes will last me 76 days. Potatoes grow continually, so in those 76 days, I can grow another 22,000 calories of potatoes, which will tide me over for another 15 days. After that, it’s kind of pointless to continue the trend. All told it buys me about 90 days.

So now I’ll start starving to death on Sol 490 instead of Sol 400. It’s progress, but any hope of survival rests on me surviving until Sol 1412, when Ares 4 will land. There’s about a thousand days of food I don’t have.

And I don’t have a plan for how to get it.



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