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Anti #2 Reviewed


Anti continues to Impress us!

It took me quite a while to see this 2nd issue of .

Finally it came out and I put it away but like many a time when the 3rd issue came out as well (Review coming Tomorrow) I had to go get this one.  Anti is a very good comic.   of Alien Fame (Producer of) is backing this one, and it’s a good choice.  I do feel like I’m the only one talking about it though!

Maybe because it’s about the Anti Christ!  

I was beginning to wonder if it was about that… but with this #2 Jordan the assassin who tries to hang Zachary in the first Anti, Anti #1 (click here to see) explains to Zachary about ‘Lucifer’.  Then Zachary tells the tale about the ‘Fallen’ angel story that Christians still cling to…

That’s okay though as I’m seeing just where this is going… it’s fanciful, and it’s a but do like the ‘idea’ of something more in this area…

Soon Jordan and Zachary are discovered underground by the armed militia that is pursuing them…

A new character appears, a television priest who we will get to know a bit more in Anti #3.

All in all Anti is very vivid though, a little gem that I’m finding intelligent in a supernatural sense.  The art is most vivid and I like the telling of Anti.  You’d do well to check this out at your Comic Shops!


Anti #2

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