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Avengers Arena #1 Reviewed


Arcade Really Satisfies!

Now’s new Avenger’s Arena is a really good comic that is fun to read.

.  Now theres a word that brings up memories and here in AA ( Arena) has it in for a number of young Superheroes.  These aren’t just kids from down the street!  These are high powered young adults who have special powers.  

The catch is that one gets killed each and every month until only one is left, a sort of Hunger Games thing.  I was pretty happy about this one, the first one killed, in Avenger’s Arena #1, is one that you’d expect to survive a bit longer, and I was thinking, dang!  I don’t think he’d sacrifice himself for his girlfriend!

It was really sweet that he did, but he’s dead!  As in see ya later!

But the colors of the comic are really nice, and the characters seem almost charming in their youth!  It’s funny to go to the comic forums and hear teens discussing this book.  They say things like, okay that kill is cool because of Empathy!  Wow.  They are indeed young!

I’m liking this new series very much, Arcade is really quite the ‘Meanster’!  

Avengers Arena #1

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