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David Lapham’s Caligula (Heart Of Rome) #1 Reviewed


Graphic, Raw, Heart Of Rome Does Deliver!

Warning this title Contains Graphic (NC-17) Nudity

I’m one who does enjoy the Roman Empire and especially when it’s brought to life in an interesting manner.  This isn’t Lapham’s first attempt he has a previous Collection which does indeed include some of the characters of the present comic . in Caligula Volume 1.

This time around the main character seems to be a Tribune of the Praetorian Guard, Lauretius Aquilinus who comes upon a murder scene that is familiar to him as the Heart of Rome opens.  A demon that once inhabited Caligula (known as Caligula’s Demon) has apparently possessed someone new and is killing Romans in a very grisly manner.

Beginning this first issue Aquilinus is called by Agrippina (Caligula’s Sister) and the mother of Nero to find this murderer/demon,  she is worried that Nero may be it’s next victim, and offers much wealth to Aquilinus to find the Demon.  

Aquilinus finds Junius of the first comic to enlist his help as well. 

Visually HOR is sexually charged, which is the fun of these times that knew no bounds.  I’m very much thrilled to be reading this new ‘take’ on Rome and am looking forward to how the next issues resolve this most interesting tale.

Caligula #1

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