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Clone #1 Reviewed


Do you know where Your Clone is?

Doctor Luke Taylor and his pregnant wife, Amelia are in for some bad news as Luke is one of what appears to be a great many clones, men who look exactly like him.

The book opens up with one of Luke’s clones having been shot the night before taking shelter in Luke’s kitchen where Luke finds him in the morning. Trouble is his tells him, that there is another who wants Luke’s unborn child.  Amelia is kidnapped at the Hospital by this 3rd (‘evil’;) clone and the chase is on as Luke must recover his wife and unborn child.

Fans of conspiracy will enjoy the interplay of this particular book.  This is TV writer David Schulner’s first go at Comic Books but he translates this material in good fashion, the action keeps you watching as the art is expressive if fashionable by Juan Jose Ryp.

Many questions are yet to be asked and answered so the ‘jury’ is still out to where all this is going.  Surely however, this first issue of Clone is a good beginning and we are looking forward to forthcoming issues.


Clone #1

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