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Colder #1 Reviewed


Surprisingly terrifying Colder may be one of the Best Horror Comics this year.

It’s 1941 and there is trouble at the Insane Asylum is how the Mini begins.

Seems that the place is on fire and soon explodes killing some guards, but inside we are privy to a world gone mad as a Malevolent entity Jack Nimble enters supernaturally into life through a ‘spirit portal’ within the facility.  Declan enounters the ‘creature’ Nimble and is told by him that he will get colder.

Thusly does the comic begin and Declan does indeed get colder… 

But first a young lady enters into the story,  Reece Talbot, who is accosted by some toughs and is seen home by a policewoman.  Meanwhile Nimble is using his powers of Malevolence to create havoc amongst bewildered living men and women, killing one by suicide in a prison!  So Jack Nimble is not a good thing.

Reece and the policewoman enter into Reece’s home and we can see that Jack Nimble is with them, remember that this is in the present some 70 something years from the fire at the insane asylum.  Reece it turns out is a nurse and she has been taking care of a very Cold and Comatose Declan.  It seems that she took him from a failing hospital for the insane.  The policewoman is understandable surprised, she touches Declan and finds him Cold but non-responsive.

Jack Nimble meanwhile talks to Declan wondering if they can “Play” as it were.  

In the end Declan awakens to the threat of Nimble so there is a history between the two.  The next issues will surely begin to thread that history.

The artistic vision in Colder is strikingly unique by who has managed to create a feel and scene of horrific wonder in this assuredly horrific comic.  But that’s what we’re here for Horror,  Colder is a Horror comic, and Mr. Ferreyra is creating panels that you’ve never seen before.  He reminds of alternate realities and the images and fears that inhabit such.  

Writer meanwhile has a direction in mind with Nimble on the loose and Reece as a ‘normal’ but giving person.  Declan is surely smitten with Reece and when and if Nimble threatens her,  Declan will have to rescue her.

Impressive is Colder.

Click To Buy or View This Book’s Gallery Sequence

Click To Buy or View This Book’s Gallery Sequence

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