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Colder #3 Reviewed


Reece is Taken by the Diabolical Nimble!

I think ‘taking it up a notch’ would be a good title for this next , we’ve had 3 reviews of Colder 3 days in a row on .  

I’ve been really very fortunate to have had some conversations with (Writer) Paul Tobin and (Artist) Juan Ferreyra on twitter about their book Colder. 

Here’s a bit:

The third issue of Colder has Nimble chasing down Declan in what he deems ‘play’ in the ‘alternate’ world.  In an effort to escape Jack Nimble, with a terrified Reece, Declan touches the homeless and disturbed in this unique reality, he explains toe Reece that making the people crazier will help them lose Nimble when they return to the ‘real’ world.

Declan also explains a bit about his Insane Asylum days, mentioning that Nimble kept him alive for a reason and that an overdose of a psychotic drug brought Jack Nimble into our world. 

In the end (see Gallery) Reece and Declan return to the world but Reece is taken.

Another exciting and wonderful issue of Colder.

Click To Buy or View This Book’s Gallery Sequence

Click To Buy or View This Book’s Gallery Sequence


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