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David Mack and Brian Bendis: Daredevil End Of Days #3 Reviewed


For The Love Of The Daredevil ~ The Women Of The Daredevil's Life Shape And Form The Stunning End Of Days By David Mack and Brian Bendis

Ben Ulrich’s quest to unravel the death of the continues in what is undoubtedly one of the best Graphic renderings since Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns and Alan Moore’s Watchmen.

David Mack and Brian Bendis have assuredly written a book that will be remembered and discovered time and time again.  That it’s ‘just happening’ now is why you may not have been collecting or treasuring it.  But it will ‘get there’ I assure you!

In the issue of EOD Electra and to a lesser extant Typhoid Mary make it somewhat clear, to Ben Ulrich, that their ‘Hero’ days are over, what with both having young children to raise.  Both have gone back into ordinary life. Maya Lopez, yet another lover of the Daredevil’s is now a college professor.  What it comes down to is a sort of  backtracking with memories of the Daredevil and how he touched these women’s lives emotionally if not psychically. Very unique and intelligent is this feminine perspective in the usually male driven book industry.  It’s fascinating to see these once nearly maniacal and sometimes insane lady heroes now long past their glory days.  It’s clear that they are not talking, about Matt Murdoch, each had something with him that they will not reveal.  

Mapone, Daredevil’s last word strikes no memory from any of them.

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Click To Buy or View This Book’s Gallery Sequence


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