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David Mack and Brian Bendis: Daredevil End Of Days #4 Reviewed


A Very Special Issue... Landmark!

The Four issue of (EOD) is a crowning achievement of the Medium in Graphic Storytelling, conceptually, artistically and thematically EOD four will go down in history!

Packed with amazing subtext in EOD four, Bullseye is found in a motel room shot, well, Bullseye! Right between the eyes. Do pay attention to the detail of the paintings here by , stunning work. Pencils by and color by and assist by Alex Maleev who also created the Cover of this issue. The depth that these great artists have brought to Mack and Bendis’ vision of the death of the the is half the battle won! Packed with ‘wizened’ and worthy DEPRESSION and Angst, this is a rendering that is Actual, not fairytale. The Real World hurts and it does sometimes surprise the faint at heart, when conceptualized in this striking and worthy manner! Hat’s off to you !

Ben Ulrich’s quest to backtrack Daredevil’s death into his past continues as Bullseye is found dead. The gritty and lucid depictions, in Bullseye’s motel room are just wonderful as Ben speaks with a detective friend as they ‘run’ down how his death occurred. That Mapone is Scrawled on the beds backboard in Bullseye’s own blood only adds to Daredevil’s last word, Mapone, a mystery that Bullseye surely knew of as he wrote it himself…

Ben: Mapone.


Detective: Yeah, we saw that too.


Ben: Cute.


Detective: Wassit mean?


Ben: Do you know?


Detective: He wrote it himself. His fingers. His blood.


Ben: His Blood?

But there is more… more and more and a stunner at the end as Ben Ulrich meets someone who knew Daredevil for real. I won’t say who but he is surely one that we here at are FOND of. This issue is so packed with good storytelling that the book almost begs for reality. Sure Daredevil will continue on the Rack in it’s regular run… which is good, one would suppose, but here Mack and Bendis have ‘taken it back’ and made it real again.

There is not niceness here, no simple games and lovey dovey tricks that western writers of culture cling to… every story has a happy ending is the creed amongst such, but not this time, little sailor. This time there is grit and reality that Mack and Bendis are spreading.

Ben: This is how it ends.


Detective: This is always how it ends.


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Click To Buy or View This Book’s Gallery Sequence



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