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King Of Lizards Jim Morrison Named for King Lizard!


King Of Lizards Jim Morrison Named for King Lizard!



Bearded King is what Scientist  Jason Head calls his discovery of what is indeed the Biggest Lizard ever.  This particular specimen was about as big as a German Shepard!

The lizard’s proper scientific name is Barbarurex morrisioni, and there is a backstory to how Head arrived at it.

The Doors is Head’s favorite 60’s rock band.

“I had their albums going on kind of endless loop while we were writing and doing the analysis on the lizard,” he said.

The size of the lizard took him by surprise. It reminded him of the nickname of now deceased Doors singer Morrison, also known as the Lizard King. Morrison also had a reputation for standing up for the environment.


  would have been quite pleased at this great Honor!  


In other Door news Ray Manzarek, Jim’s Keyboardist died only a few weeks ago.  Ray met Jim here at Venice Beach where I live, Mr. Manzarak was 74.

The Doors formed in 1965 after Manzarek happened to meet Jim Morrison on California’s Venice Beach. The legendary rock group went on to sell 100 million albums worldwide, establishing five multiplatinum discs in the U.S.


Morrison died in 1971, but Manzarek carried on The Doors’ legacy, continuing to work as a musician and an author.

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