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Clay Answers ESPN Poll Results (The Heat VS. The Spurs)





Here are my Answers for each question.


#1: Yes, Mr. Bosh’s comments are a good idea, that will help the Police in case there is a Riot around Stadium after the game Win/Lose People Are Very Stupid… as we all know.

#2:  Very, Very Big Deal, it meant that are Confident, and Not Upset about that ‘Losing Effort’ in GAME 6 of the .  (kinda wish the guys got rings, like in the NFL, oh well.)

#3:  No, it’s not really Fair, because he’s ‘just a man’ but still one would hope that La Brain could ‘put it together’.  I must admit that I do have a BET *For All 7 Games* on THE HEAT with my various Poker Sites… (Sportsbook.com and Bovada).

#4:  Hell No!  He’s Ginobili Not Jordan!  9 Points and 8 Turnovers sounds about Right for Manu.  Well Done!  Screams Old Pop!  To his ‘boy’ Ginobili.

#5:  Mike Miller is No Hero, come on!  He looks like a young Michael Landon with Tats.  He’s a Rambis type but he does know how to shoot, I don’t see Miller doing all that much, I want RAY ALLEN out there for 43 Minutes if I’m Splolestra and thinking Correctly.


#6:  Wade is the choice here, most of you got this wrong.  Dwayne Wade is a Better Player than Parker, remember that he Won it last year.  He has been there and done that.  Parker will do his usual ‘bouncing’ around and ‘flips’, but Wade may ‘come alive’ this night.

#7: La Bron can make a winning shot, but the Score will be more than 2 or 3 at the final Seconds of the Game.


#8: Ray Allen was traded by the Boston Celtics to The Heat, I could not believe this… that Boston would trade Ray Allen was the Dumbest trade the ‘Old Leper-Con’ ever made, that is literally why the Celtics didn’t get far this year… Garnett without Allen was a real, real stupid move by Boston Celtic Owners and Administration. They should have PAID Mr. Allen,  he should have been LIFETIME. He was the best 3 point shooter this year during the Regular Season. Keep Mr. Allen in Coach!


#9: It’s Top.

#10:  Don’t forget that Green dropped La Bron that time before by just touching the ball… La Bron did his Crybaby thing… Bosh just evened the score.  No foul there easy to see… all ball no Flesh.  It’s a physical game just pressing your Fingerprint on a Man’s Forearm isn’t cause for a Ref calling Foul.  Men Will Be Men… is all I can say.  Relax Ref, have a Beer.

#11:  Neither.  The Heat of play was in Force.

#12:  Coach Popovich is the Coach Ain’t he?  He is to blame for every loss… and Every Win.

#13:  I live in Los Angeles… know what I mean?


#14: You all really got this wrong. That word and Game Six is like calling a Pinto a Rolls Royce… the two just don’t go together… The Spurs were Superlative.

#15:  No.  Put some Beer in it though like in the NHL.  Pour it on some little kid in the Stadium though.


#16: I won’t know till it’s over . That’s the usual way it happens.

#17:  That’s 55% if those two are put together.


#19:  The Home Team

#20:  Well have him Shove It Up His Ass, it would look better on him that way.  Ditch the stupid Headband that’s for Tennis.

#21:  I BET ON THE HEAT.  I did win $200 dollars last year on them at this time… it was easy to tell back then and the Odds were so much better.


#22: You people really ARE POOR then… I put in YES. Winners spend big bucks and losers are usually sleeping it off at home. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

#23:  Ray Allen, Bosh, Wade, La Bron… hard to say… wouldn’t bet this by the way.  Variables are way too high… not like that’s Tiger Woods out there!

#24:  I put The Heat because of La Bron… Tim Beat him when he was a Cav… La Bron was very young then… The NBA will Profit more with The Heat… that’s a REPEAT.  Threepeat?  Better NOT Be!

#25:  See #1



Now here is a Pic of ’s Girlfriend.

She once was a Heat Cheerleader! Very attractive Eric, if I can call you that!



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