Great Sexy Gift Ideas For Her

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So if it’s your anniversary or whatever special occasions you have and you’re thinking to visit an adult store or a local shop to find unique and interesting sexy gift ideas for your wife or girlfriend, you’re on the right place.

In this article, we will be giving you some tips and ideas on what to get for your partner when you just don’t know.

Sex Toys

Giving your partner that first toy can be a bit of a tricky guess. They might enjoy the toy or reject the idea. Start small and simple. It would be great to ask a sales associate to help you find that perfect gift.

For her, there are plenty of toys on the market to consider. For example, the tulip is a simple external vibrator that comes with pretty colors and offers vibration settings. At a reasonable price, this simple, small gift is a great toy that can’t go wrong.

Other toys like the butterfly kiss are simple and effective in design. The rounded tip provides a strong sensation to the G-spot, while the butterfly’s antenna tickles the clitoris.

Sexy Lingerie

Clothing is also available as an easy and seductive alternative for your sexy lady. Just be sure to get her size right or it won’t make it past her thighs. Not sure about the size? Take a peek at her closet and write down the sizes of her panties, bras and sleepwear. Some great choices are lace or see-through top and matching lace panty, strappy, sheer, silk in classic slip, embroidered bodysuit, mesh and babydoll. If she dares to play dress in the bedroom, sexy outfits and lingerie costumes are your best bet.

Gift Certificate And Reservations

Go to a shoe shop or a lingerie shop and get a gift certificate then wrap that up. Tell your woman to go get something sexy for your night out. Make reservations at her favorite restaurant and take her out for the night. Women find it so sexy when a man takes charge.

Personalized Items

Initials, her pet’s name, love names and any sweet or naughty words your lady might actually like are perfect to use for your personalized gifts. Personalized gifts like sheets, pillow cases, couple shirts, shorties, robes and thong are some of the elegant and sexy options to catch her eye and heart.

DIY Sexy Message In A Bottle


As a sexy and romantic present, there’s nothing better than the DIY gifts. Grab a cute bottle, accessorize it with an elegant ribbon or laces and then fill it up with papers where you’ve written all the cute things you love about her and the sexy things you do together. It’s the perfect keepsake that will surely spice up your sexy time together.

Sensual Massage

Enhance her mood and turn her on with a sensual massage using all-natural oil that smells relaxing and enticing. Enhance her mood with a sensual massage using all-natural oil that smells wonderful and healing. Very few women have ever received this kind of refreshing and unforgettable sensual attention that is ultimately beneficial in nature. To give her an incredible sensual massage, set up the space with soft music, candle light and gentle incense. Touch her lightly and smoothly starting her back and down her arms. Ask her if there are certain areas that she wants you to touch, this will boost her satisfaction. As you progress, do full manual stimulation by touching her breasts and her thighs, but don’t spend ample time in there just yet. Switch your attention to her head and neck, down to her legs, feet and butt. Then, move to the stomach back to the breasts, her thighs and finally the vagina. Just take your time, lightly stroke and gently tug this part. Now it’s your choice where to go from there.

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